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Welcome to Tina Marshall Fitness…

I have found that so many people get to a point in life where they realize they need to make a change when it comes to their health. For me, I began my weight loss journey years ago. I knew I needed to get control. I was the “Super-Mom” that always said yes to everyone else! You know the one who works full time, volunteers in the class room and gets roped into fundraising for every sport or function that’s needed. Yep that was me. I was still involved 2 years after my son graduated high school…. Even though I was over-obligated, I decided to make me a priority and take control.

I was able to manage my “Super Mom” status while getting fit. You can too.

I was a fit teenager, yet I fell into the 20’s lifestyle trap, gaining weight up to 220lbs. I spent most of my 20’s & 30’s overweight and neglected my health. I knew I needed to focus on cleaner nutrition and becoming fit. Work, parenting, and life’s daily stresses had taken its toll on me. I had some minor success in weight loss but was still struggling. I needed accountability.

I decided to become a Zumba instructor to hold myself accountable with a tribe of people to help motivate me. I fell in love with working out and surprised many, including myself, with the results. Although I love Zumba, I soon realized I needed more than just a cardio program to get true results. I hit a plateau and became stuck for 3 years while I was teaching classes. Then I was introduced to Shakeology and Chalene Extreme from another Zumba friend. Heck ya! I was gonna try it, She looked amazingly toned and defined.

I had been looking for the nutrition I needed to fuel my body while teaching multiple classes each week. After participating in a challenge group I lost the last 10lbs that I had been holding onto. Physically, I was stronger, leaner and lighter and more importantly, my mindset changed. I have been drinking Shakeology for 3 years and my health couldn’t be better. My husband also enjoys it, continuing to lose weight and his medical numbers have significantly improved. The products work.

I began sharing and offering to help others become successful in their journey to improved health. As a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, it was a perfect fit to add Health and Fitness Coach to my resume, allowing me to promote better nutrition and grow my passion to serve others.

More about me.

I’ve been married to my husband Dennis for 26 years and our son Dylan is 23 years old. We live on the beautiful Oregon Coast and like to spend time camping in Central Oregon. When I can tear myself away from my fitness business (because I love it so much) I enjoy quilting. That is usually reserved for stormy days during the winter.

I recently purchased a SUP board and am learning how to not fall into the lake. We are fortunate to live a few blocks away. My husband is a hard working family man and spent years being the volunteer coach/dad when our son was young in baseball. Now the 2 of them enjoy hunting. With our son grown we are settling into a calmer lifestyle. Life is not as rushed, and we enjoy our fur-kids. My husband’s hunting lab Brody and my son’s red healer Dixie.

I have also become a Certified Personal Trainer, as well as a certified Zumba, PiYo Live and CIZE Live Instructor. My professional background prior to fitness was in banking and accounting. I love that I’ve found a new way to enjoy life through health. All this, in conjunction with my personal fitness journey, allows me to offer added value in helping others achieve their weight-loss goals.

I am amazed at the success my clients achieve when committing to these programs. I know that it all starts by making a decision to invest in our personal health. We can become a better version of ourselves. With support, there is no need to give up. My Mission is to help women and men EMPOWER themselves and RECLAIM a BALANCE in HEALTH & WELLNESS.

My wish is for people to realize the impact of poor lifestyle choices before it is too late. Let me help you turn your life around. How about making the rest of your life the best of your life! Let me help you realize your potential, reaching those personal goals and CREATING A LIFE YOU LOVE!





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